Little Black Wristlet

This post is moved from my original blog.

Welcome to my new crafting blog, econoknits!  I’m looking for a better name (it’s supposed to sound like “economist” but I know it just makes me sound cheap), so I’m open to suggestions.

I thought I’d kick off my blog with a free pattern for a little black purse I made a few weeks ago.  I made it with some leftover nylon thread in my stash from who-knows-how-long-ago.  The nylon is the perfect texture for this little purse because it gives it shape and the lace stitch has fabulous definition.  Of course you could always make it with a worsted-weight yarn of your choice, and if worked with tight stitches it would also come out quite sturdy.  Note that the flap is worked in fantail stitch.  I know this is not my original creation, it’s available in many places, but the instructions I found have been edited slightly to work for this project, so I just went ahead and typed some modified ones.

One spool of nylon thread (mine is old so I can’t tell you brand or size.  It is closer in weight to worsted weight yarn than to crochet thread).
Crochet hook size suggested on package
2 double pointed knitting needles (optional for strap, can also use a chain stitch)
long-handled lighter (for burning knots in place)
tapestry needle for side seams
Fan: in one stitch or chain space (3dc, 1ch, 3dc)
V: in one stitch or chain space (1hdc, 1ch, 1hdc)


Chain 42

row 1: 1sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc to last sc, turn

row 2: 2ch, sc in each sc to end
repeat row 2 until piece measures about 9 inches in length


row 1 (right side): 1ch, 1sc into first stitch *skip 3sc, work a fan (see above stitch patterns) into next stitch, skip 3sc, 1sc into next sc, 1ch, skip 1sc, sc in next sc; repeat from * 3 more times, turn

row 2: 2ch (counts as 1 hdc), 1 hdc into space between last 2sc of last round, *3ch, sc into ch space at center of next fan, 3ch,** work a V (see above stitch patterns) into next ch space; repeat from * 2 more times, then from * to ** once, ending with 2hdc in last sc, turn

row 3: 3ch, 3dc into first st, *1sc into next 3ch space, 1ch, 1sc into next 3ch space**, work a fan into space at center of next V, repeat 2 more times from *, then from * to ** once, end with 4 dc into top of turning chain, turn

row 4: 1ch, sc in first dc, *3ch, V into next ch space, 3ch, 1sc into space at center of next fan, repeat from * 3 more times, ending into the top of the turning chain, turn

row 5: 1ch, 1sc into first st, *sc into next 3ch space, work a fan into space at center of next V, sc in next 3ch space, 1ch, repeat from * 3 more times, sc into last sc, turn

repeat rows 2-5 until desired length of flap is achieved, ending on row 3 or 5

fasten off


Burn fasten off and starting slip knot with a long-handled lighter to fuse the nylon chord.  (No end weaving in yay!)

With right sides together, sew side seams for the body, leaving the flap free.  Burn ends.  Turn right side out.

Knit an i-chord with double sided needles (just google it, I won’t reproduce the instructions here) for the wrist strap.  Mine measured about 14 inches.  Alternatively, you could make a chain of the same length.  Secure the ends of the wrist strap together, careful to keep it from twisting, and then secure to the inside edge of the purse.  Remember to burn the knots to keep them from slipping. (Turn the purse inside out for this to avoid burning your fingers.)

For a fastener, you could use a sew on snap or a button and a chain stitch loop.  I haven’t found the perfect button for mine yet, so it’s not pictured.


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