A Creative Space

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog. I have been contemplating a switch from my crochet blog to one that includes all the things I love, and I have finally created that reality.

My usual choice of title would be a pun or something silly, but nothing came to me. I finally realized I wanted something that represented my creative energy. I love to work in quiet, restful spots where I can fully engage in the project and my aesthetic is feminine (ribbons and laces).

I have accumulated quite a few pictures and projects while I was trying to come up with a title, so I will get those up ASAP. I am also moving my crochet/knitting posts over from blogger slowly. I expect the blog to feature projects of the following types: crochet/knit, from-scratch sewing, refashions and miscellaneous adventures into other areas.

I recently read this book and was incredibly inspired to work with used clothing to help reduce the unethical consequences of fast fashion, so many of my early posts will show my attempts to turn my $1.39/pound (yes, by the pound) Goodwill finds into something wearable.

I welcome your opinions about my work in the comments, regardless of their harshness, but I request that you are kind to the other guests on my site. Thank you for spending a little time in my world today!


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