Chiffon Top Tutorial

Two weeks ago, the only fabric in my stash was a gorgeous pink chiffon and an old, grass-stained sheet.

Pink Chiffon of unknown origin
Pink Chiffon of unknown origin

I wanted to make the chiffon into a delicate infinity scarf, perhaps with a crochet lace border. And then, to my infinite horror, I found these imperfections.


The infinity scarf was out of the question. I could not both avoid the imperfections and keep enough material to make the scarf. Thus, the easiest top in the world was born.


1. Cut two rectangles of the chiffon that are about a foot wider than your shoulder width and long enough to reach from your shoulder to your desired length. I did this by first cutting the rectangles from the sheet, and then using them as a pattern/practice for the chiffon.



2. Hem all of the edges. I did this by hand because the fabric was extremely delicate and I felt a little unsure of my ability to use the machine on it.

3. Sew together at the shoulders. Don’t forget to test by safety pinning and trying it on first!


4. With the top on, pin at your waist and hip height.  Folding the fabric in half width-wise, make symmetrical markings at the waist height, but at the width of your bust (so you can get it over your head). Mark at hip width at the hip line.

Pinning on my body to desired measurements.
Pinning on my body to desired measurements.

5. Stitch between your two marks wrong sides together. There is no logical way to turn it right-side-out if you do not.

Measuring the folded pieces at the waist line!
Measuring the folded pieces at the waist line! I have a 36 inch bust, so I needed the smallest part of the seam to be at least this large to go over my head.

6. Press and enjoy 🙂

How I'm going to style it.
How I’ll style it.
The fit when finished.
The fit when finished.

So “easiest top in the world” was probably an exaggeration.  It does require a lot of hand stitching and a little time to test the placement of the shoulder tacks and side seams. However, it is very conceptually simple.

I apologize for the silly mirror photos. Those will be present for my first few posts, then I will figure out something better.


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