My Coffee Date Dress

I was super excited to find the free Coffee Date Dress pattern by elainemay and make it as my first from-scratch sewing project in a long time! It came in (what I thought was) my size too! I started by making a muslin from an old, grass-stained sheet that I thought might have a similar feel to the sea-foam green fabric I bought:

Making a muslin.
Making a muslin. (no hem yet)

It was immediately clear that the waist was too large, so I took it in (crudely) about an inch total. I didn’t see on this really light fabric that the hips were also too large! That showed up on the final piece.


So my next move was to undo all my lovely french seams and take it in a bit more at the hips. I also needed to make it about an inch shorter! I decided to avoid the ruffle because I was afraid the red hair+seafoam green + ruffle combo would make me look like a mermaid.


I still have no idea what is going on with the fake nipples the darts are giving me! If someone knows how to fix that, let me know!


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