Summer Sewing: Part 1

I have been sewing at a pretty frantic pace all summer… so frantic, in fact, that I completely forgot to blog about any of it. Over the next few weeks I’ll put out posts on the pieces I made this summer, hopefully catching up in order to do most of my fall work as it happens! First up is the bag I made for my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding in San Antonio!

I found this long, green chiffon pleated dress that I LOVED but every bag I owned looked terrible with it. So I decided to make a beaded, crocheted one from scratch since I didn’t remember beading being that hard. Well it was very hard, and it took forever, but I was completely in love with the result!


The bag is beaded using a variety of E beads on cream colored size 10 crochet thread. The back and lining of the bag are “silky solids” cream fabric from Joann, with the back reinforced with some fusible interfacing.

I really regret not thinking carefully about the closure. I chose snaps, but those don’t work well for non-overlapping bag closures because things fall out! I should have put in a zipper, and I still might one day!


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