Balancing the Crescent Skirt

The second project I made for the fall transition is a crescent skirt from Sewaholic Patterns in dark denim. I was excited to try one of their patterns, as they’re designed for “pear shapes” and that means plenty of space for my hips/backside!

I made a size 10, and at first I increased the width of the yoke by an inch to get it to sit lower on my hips. This was a TERRIBLE idea. See picture below:


That yoke definitely belongs on your waist, not your hips. Ugh. So I took out all my stitching around just the side seams and took that inch I added out:


I then realized I really needed it an inch smaller, so I went back in with the seam ripper for round 3. Finally the size was correct, but it took me another few days to realize I still didn’t like the skirt because it made my chest look disproportionately large. This is a problem I have with a lot of styles that fit at the natural waist. The solution: wear a loose, dark colored top. The extra ease in the chest area helps balance my proportions and the dark colors create a longer line, keeping me from looking like I’ve been chopped into curvy blocks by the waistline.


The “why is this picture so washed out?” pose.

I think the lesson learned here is that fitting your body and flattering your body are completely different. The skirt has a great fit, but it’s definitely designed for that “pear” shape with the smaller chest. I also made that mistake when I sewed up Sewaholic’s Renfrew Top and didn’t do a big ol’ full-bust adjustment.  Actually, I should have just made it a size larger, but I tried to compensate for overly stretchy fabric by making it down a size. Whoops! I’m making a lot of rookie mistakes here, but I’m learning quickly! At least I can wear the top under a sweater or to a yoga class this fall.

Renfrew Top Disaster
I’m so unhappy with the fit here that it doesn’t get its own blog post!

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