Summer Sewing: Part 2

Part 2 of my summer sewing adventures! ┬áThis time, I’m sharing my first commission! Okay, well it was from my sister so I’m not sure it really counts. She sent me this inspiration picture and asked me to work on designing an above-the-knee robe for her.


So I made up Vogue V8888 in some fabric from Joann’s (size 14 with no changes).


And here it is on me! My sister is a bit smaller than I am at the bust and waist, so it actually fit her perfectly (though the only pic she sent me was a mirror selfie).



Alterations she requested: the sleeves are slightly angled and I shortened the pattern about 4 inches.

Alterations I also made: I top stitched the self-facing down since I couldn’t figure out how they wanted it secured based on the instructions (as far as I could tell, not at all)!

Alterations I would make if I did it again: I would exclude the fusible interfacing on the collar, as it felt a bit too stiff to me! It’s a robe and no one will see if it flops a little.