Refashions Round Two

So my second trip to the Goodwill Blue Hanger Outlet here in Austin yielded an even larger haul! Here are some of my first refashions from that set:

I LOVED the print on this dress, but it was an Old Navy XXL, and I’m an Old Navy small!


This one took a lot of time because I needed to do some resizing of the cups beyond just chopping of 4 or 5 inches on each side.

Preliminary chops. I took this in a lot more later on.

I really like resizing from larger sizes because it is easier to get adequate boob coverage (at least on the sides) and I can choose the fit through the hips/stomach as well. This one is planned as a beach/pool coverup, or maybe something for a laid back cookout.


I am in love with this next top! I was immediately drawn to the print and neck details.

Neck details
Neck details

It became immediately clear why someone put this top up for adoption though: the arms were elastic and way too tight for a large (has Charlotte Russe ever heard of pushups?)

You can't tell too much, but my arms are in some serious pain!
You can’t tell here, but my arms are losing circulation.

Luckily, removing elastic from its casing isn’t difficult! I also took it in an inch on each side, as the very wide peasant look isn’t flattering on my body type.

Before and after
Pinning inside-out.

I was really unsure what to do with the last top in this batch of refashions. I like the orange chevron print, but the shirt had a lot of issues. To start with, it had hideous pockets on the front.


Second, it had obviously been previously refashioned by someone who was too lazy to snip their seams afterward!

Why couldn’t you snip that seam?

The pockets had to go first. I took in the sides in quite a bit. Then I ripped out the previous refashioner’s shoulder seams, and used a long stitch on my machine to gather the shoulders a lot. Then I used the pocket flaps to gather the shoulders and give the neckline a unique look. All-in-all… I don’t hate it and I’ll probably wear it occasionally. Success!

A bit smaller, a lot more fashionable, and still relaxed.

First Refashions

I was incredibly inspired by Elizabeth Cline’s book Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion and as a consequence I have spent many hours looking through the Refashionista blog, daydreaming about creating my own beautiful, eco-friendly (and sweat-shop-free) refashions. I’ll admit some of my work has been more attempted tailoring than true refashioning, but I think I still captured the basic premise of the “reuse, don’t buy new” philosophy. So here are a few first attempts, in all their mirror-pic, no-make up, messy hair glory.

I started with a simple too-big-to-my-size dress refashion. I was originally drawn to it because of the subtle grey print and the pintuck detail at the neckline. It was fairly simple to take the dress in about 4 inches on each side and rip out all the ugly green bits.

I’m pretty sure this was intended as a nightgown…

Then I moved on to a faux-wrap top that actually fit quite well. I was originally planning to wear it as-is, but my boyfriend said it looked like the top half of a bath robe (you can’t un-see that), so I carefully ripped the sleeves off and shortened them, preserving the lovely ribbon detail at the bottom. I used the original sleeve top (what is the technical word for that?) as a template when I cut the shorter sleeves, and then inserted them like the usual set-in sleeve.

Much more summer weather appropriate!
Much more summer weather appropriate!

Finally, I did some work on a nightgown. It was a tags-still-attached Victoria’s Secret brand slip.


It was probably donated due to the bizarre boob shaping pictured below (I promise this is PG, I put another modest bra under it):

See how it sticks out all funny?

I simply sewed that odd seam into a straight line instead, and the slip turned into the perfect nightgown!

So much better!

All three pieces cost only $1.50. I think I might be hooked on thrifting!